Turkish German Lawyers Association

German and Turkish lawyers founded the “German Bar Association Turkey” on  March 9th,  2012 in Istanbul. Belonging to the German Bar Association (DAV) since April 16th, 2012 as the 255th local association, the “German Bar Association Turkey” is also registered in the Turkish register association.

Turkey is an attractive market for international trade and investments. Turkey and Germany are sharing a long history which is encouraged by several bilateral agreements today. Considerable German investments clarify the close economic relations between them and make Germany to one of the most important trading partners of Turkey. The capital contribution of German companies reaches currently a number of 4.800 companies. In 2011, the volume of foreign direct investments in Turkey was more than 9 Billion US Dollar (2011).

Having further international investments require significant professional support and counseling. Therefore, an increasing number of lawyers from different countries are being located in Turkey today. Given the advancing progress of the globalization of the legal profession it is indispensable that national and international lawyers exchange their professional knowledge and experience beyond their own country borders. Making steps toward to the European stage constitutes a milestone on the way to international success and is also essential for every lawyer’s daily practice.

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