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Banking and Capital Markets Law

Who are we
TDAV- Turkey Banking and Capital Markets Law Working group has been established by Secretary-General of the Board Av. Rights Gedik on 01.11.2012 and is for the lawyers who work on banking and capital markets area. The working group attaches great importance to avoiding the tedious attitude of banks and investors and organizing forums where members can express their different thoughts.

Our Aim
Group’s aims and duties are namely

  • To discuss questions and developments related to the field and informing members about them.
  • To encourage communication between members and their professional development.
  • To organize congresses related to the field

Participation to the group activities is open to all interested parties. Members of the group can take benefit from advantageous prices.

Other Questions
For all inquiries, please contact
TDAV- Turkey Banking and Capital Markets Law Working Group
e-mail: info@dav-tr.org

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