Turkish German Lawyers Association

International Arbitration

Who Are We?
TDAV-Turkey International Arbitration Working Group was jointly established by the Head of the Board, RAin/Av. Handan Ilhan  on 01.11.2012. The Working Group provides services to lawyers especially within the scope of the business area.

Our Aims
Group’s aims and duties are namely

  • In order to protect members’ professional and business interests.
  • In order to discuss the international inquiries and problems.
  • In order to organize conferences related to the field.

Participation to the group activities is open to all interested parties. Members of the group can take benefit from advantageous prices.

Other Questions
For all inquiries, please contact
TDAV-Turkey  International Legal Relations Working Group
RAin/Av. Handan İlhan
e-mail: info@dav-tr.org

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